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We provide all types of Cleaning and hospitality solutions for all types of properties and homes. We can provide affordable party servers and maids for all kinds of events, occasions and parties.
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Sparkling Wizardry: Cleaning and Maid Services by Shine Wizards

Welcome to Shine Wizards, your premier cleaning service in Toronto. With a dedication to excellence, our skilled team delivers top-notch residential and commercial cleaning solutions. Using eco-friendly products and tailored techniques, we ensure spotless, sanitized spaces. From deep cleans to routine maintenance, we personalize services to meet your needs.

Our commitment to detail and client satisfaction guarantees a pristine outcome every visit. Experience the joy of cleanliness without the hassle. Trust Shine Wizards to transform your space into a fresh, inviting environment. 


Our Services

Maid Service

Experience pristine living with Shine Wizards expert maid services. Our meticulous cleaning transforms your space, ensuring a refreshed and sparkling home that reflects our commitment to excellence.

Party Server Service

Elevate your events with Shine Wizards party server cleaning services. Our dedicated team ensures seamless post-party cleanup, leaving you to savor the moments while we make your space shine again.

Restaurant Cleaning

Revitalize your restaurant with Shine Wizards. From kitchen to dining areas meticulous cleaning for a spotless, inviting atmosphere, leaving your establishment gleaming and ready to welcome guests.

On-going Cleaning

Elevate your space with Shine Wizards On-going Cleaning. Our expert team ensures a consistently spotless environment. Experience the magic of perpetual cleanliness today!

One-time Cleaning

Experience the magic of cleanliness with Shine Wizards One-time Cleaning! Our skilled wizards will transform your space, leaving it gleaming and enchantingly spotless in just one visit.

Seasonal Cleaning

Transform your space with Shine Wizards Seasonal Cleaning, where every corner gets a touch of magic. Our expert team brings a sparkle to your surroundings, leaving them refreshed and ready for the season.

Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning

Experience the magic of cleanliness with Shine Wizards! Our Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning services ensure a seamless transition into or out of your space. Let our expert wizards transform your home with a touch of sparkle and precision.

Apartment & Condo Cleaning

Elevate your living spaces with Shine Wizards unparalleled Apartment & Condo Cleaning services. Our dedicated team transforms every corner into a pristine haven, ensuring a sparkling and refreshing ambiance for your home.

Cleaning for Seniors

Experience the magic of cleanliness with Shine Wizards, dedicated to providing specialized cleaning services tailored for seniors. Our dedicated skilled team ensures a sparkling, safe environment, bringing a touch of enchantment to every home.

Why us

Why Choose Shine Wizards Cleaning and Maid Service

Elevate your space with Shine Wizards Cleaning and Maid Service. Meticulous cleaning, exceptional results, and a touch of magic for your home


At Shine Wizards, every home holds significance. Our dedicated cleaning professionals prioritize your unique requirements, delivering personalized, attentive service.


Reliability and integrity form the cornerstone of our service, ensuring your complete confidence and satisfaction.


Expect a spotless home with Shine Wizards cleaning service. We bring eco-friendly products, equipment, and trained, insured staff.


Contact us now for a complimentary home evaluation. Our tailored cleaning solutions match your unique needs and space.


Words From Others

Impressive professionalism, attention to detail, and unwavering reliability define this top-notch cleaning service. Their consistent delivery of exceptional results makes them the ultimate choice for cleaning services in Toronto.
Jay K.
(Milton, Ontario)
The best cleaning service experienced! Their comprehensive approach, commitment to excellence, and remarkable consistency set them apart in Toronto's competitive cleaning industry, offering cleaning service.
Richard I.
(Mississauga, Ontario)
Remarkable service! Attention to detail, friendly demeanor, and consistent exceptional performance undoubtedly make them my ultimate preferred choice for cleaning services in Toronto's bustling neighborhoods.
Teresa S.
(Oakville, Ontario)

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Transform your space with Shine Wizards, Toronto’s premier cleaning service, where dedication meets magic for unparalleled cleanliness and satisfaction.

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