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Transforming homes into immaculate sanctuaries with our expert residential cleaning services. Discover the magic of cleanliness with Shine Wizards.
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The best residentials cleaning experience

Indulge in the epitome of residential cleaning excellence with Shine Wizards . Our dedicated team employs advanced techniques and safe, effective cleaning products to ensure your home shines with freshness. From meticulous room cleaning to thorough sanitization, we provide a comprehensive residential cleaning experience tailored to your needs.

Experience the difference of a spotless, rejuvenated home that reflects our commitment to exceptional service. Choose Shine Wizards for the best residential cleaning experience, where attention to detail and your satisfaction are our top priorities.

Meticulous Cleaning

Elevate your home with our thorough cleaning services, leaving every corner spotless and inviting.

Safe for Home and Family

Our cleaning products prioritize safety, ensuring a healthy environment for your loved ones.

Efficient and Prompt Service

Experience the best in residential cleaning with our efficient and prompt team, dedicated to delivering a revitalized home on time.


Basic Housekeeping

At Shine Wizards, our Basic Housekeeping services are meticulously designed to preserve your home's impeccable appearance. Our devoted cleaning teams prioritize eco-friendly practices, delivering a safe, green clean with non-toxic, biodegradable products. Choose your cleaning frequency—weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly—and enjoy exclusive savings tailored to your preferred schedule. Secure your sparkling clean home online today and explore our comprehensive service offerings in detail.


Deep/Seasonal Home Cleaning

Elevate your living space this season with Shine Wizards professional and budget-friendly seasonal home cleaning services. Our skilled team ensures meticulous attention to every corner, leaving your home looking and smelling refreshed. Revel in the satisfaction of a spotless home. Schedule your seasonal cleaning today and explore our comprehensive services by booking online.


Move In/Out Residential Cleaning

Ease into your transition with Shine Wizards seamless move-in and move-out cleaning services. Our adept cleaners meticulously refresh your new or previous residence, ensuring a spotless start or farewell. Unburden yourself from the cleaning hassles, as we extend our affordable residential cleaning services across all regions of Greater Toronto Area, and all surroundings Cities.

Connect with Shine Wizards now to discuss the distinctive cleaning needs of your home.


Maid and Party Servers

Transform your hosting venture with Shine Wizards personalized Maid and Party Server services for all your hospitality needs other than cleaning. We provide professional and trained maids/Party Servers for all of your events, Occasions and parties. Contact us for a personalized quote and effortless booking to discover our comprehensive hospitality solutions tailored to your needs.


Post-Renovation Cleaning

After the construction crews wrap up, it's Shine Wizards to the rescue. Our skilled post-renovation cleaners will transform your newly upgraded area into a dazzling masterpiece, backed by a 100% happiness guarantee. Armed with top-notch cleaning products and equipment, we ensure a timely job completion, revealing the true beauty of your home. Explore our online booking options to discover the comprehensive services included.


What's Included in Residential Cleaning Services?

One of the common inquiries we address from our residential customers revolves around understanding the inclusions in our cleaning services. We recognize that households operate on a budget, making it crucial for homeowners to have a clear understanding of what they receive for their investment. At Shine wizards, transparency and value for our residential clients are our top priorities
The distinctive measures and services that differentiate us in the realm of residential cleaning underscore our commitment to providing exceptional home cleaning solutions. Foremost among these is our dedicated emphasis on disinfecting high-traffic areas, ensuring a thoroughly sanitized living environment for you and your family. From meticulously cleaning dining tables to sanitizing doorknobs, our focus on these crucial touchpoints reflects our dedication to fostering a healthy and safe home for our valued clients
When you choose our residential cleaning services, we will:

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